Skyglass Murano

via Monte Popera 12
30027 San Donà di Piave (Venezia)
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Technical works: blown glass, glass worked hand steering wheel, "incalmo",, "baloton" "retinato", watermark, Phoenician, gold and silver leaf.


Technical works: hand-blown glass, Phoenician transformation of glass rod withmurrine and millefiori's inserts, silver and gold leaf inserts decoration and engraving glass.


Technical works: glass murrino, merger with grisaglia, merger with pastel glass, thermoformed, gold and silver leaf. The range of colors is almost infinite, the choice is dictated by the creativity whenever and by the effects you want.

Grinding and polishing

Technical Operations: grinding disc grinding tape, beaten on the glass, engraving, drilling.

Waterjet cutting

waterjet cutting.

Vetro Soffiato Murano: Profilo aziendale

Vetro Soffiato Murano, vetri di murano

Company profile

Our experience at your service

Heirs of an ancient tradition as the art millennial ddel Murano glass, we have set in the domestic market and international accepting the challenges that the new global competition requires. We organize our work and artistic craft seriously, precision, quality and timely deliveries. We do all our products solely and exclusively by hand in the processes of production and subsequently the first machine for the honour of finishing..

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Blowing glass Furnace

Production of handmade glass art

Glass and furnace in the heart of the island of Murano for the production of glass blown artistic quality such as lamps, vases, cups and glasses Venetians. Our experience at your service for the development of ideas and projects to measure.

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Glass artisanal laboratory

Collections of craftsman objects

Our laboratory is capable of producing small objects manufacturing through a smal flame fed by gas and oxygen. This allows us to obtain figurines, small objects, pearls decorated. with lampwork is also possible to work the flowers and milleflowers glass sticks.

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Fusion Glass klins

Creations craft high-quality

Through the technique of fusion-glass we can create objects such as plates, trays, picture-fremes, pin, forms curves high craftsmanship. We also realize accessories for the bathroom such as tiles and as the Greek profiles and glass panels.

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Grinding and polishing glass

Engraving and polishing manufactured products

Operations of manual grinding to remove pieces of glass and sharp and uneven align edges with the subsequent polishing through polishing wheels to water. You can also obtain items of particular value as the beating a grinding wheel.

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Waterjet cut

The water fast powerful and precise to a perfect cut.

We cut objects with precision waterjet machine. It also cuts with running water waterjet for others and working with cutting water waterjet designed autocad specific customer.