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Glass inserts merger with silver leaf 925. The logo is printed preparing a mould with the logo and decorated with paint-specific glass and ceramics.


We worked the object into two pieces for the impossibility to create the typical tour of moebius tape. Furnace heated to 850 °, turned the piece calipers with special four.


The technique adopted in this case is a fusion glass plate glass sandwich with gold leaf and then cut with machine waterjet.


The front is made entirely from juxtaposition of colored pastel glass It is cut and drilled with machine waterjet.

Vetro Soffiato Murano: the glass artist

Simone Soffiato

The Artist

Simone "Blown" Soffiato was born in Venice on September 17, 1973. Since was hungry, its small piassions were to build and shape objects of all material, growing in the atmosphere of Murano glass. Upon reaching maturity, faces in this magical world of colors creating and assembling glass with materials such as wood and metal. The countless customers find in him the expression for glass creations more disparate, and Simone advising the client in choosing the most suitable materials to the project. Some of the works on commission:

The Right Labels

"The Right Label" Silver

Production silver discs for Orianne Collins

Orianne, known designer and manufacturer of jewellery, commission discs with silver logo in silk screen for its products The Right Label In addition to the fair the clock Basel (March 2008) realize a chandelier entirely format discs with silver.

Nastro Mobius

Moebius Tape

Creating a piece artistic glass

Il The museum Tridentine of Trento commissioned the creation of tapes of "moebius" as exposure for the exhibition Matetrentino February 18. Working as many as three months between design and testing!

Mirror Couvre D'or

Mirror "Le couvre D'or"

Production Crowns for Tulli Zuccari accomplishing a crown in molten glass and leaf pure 24 carat gold inlaid shaped crown. Currently in production on the line of note Company of Terni. Designer: Arch. Designer: Arch. Emanuele Montanelli - Milan.



Creations front Evision

Aitech Italia accomplishes the Evision a system for multimedia entertainment in collaboration with Microsoft. The production of evision provides a front Murano glass of various colors and themes.