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All Murano art in luxury objects

Furnish your house with our Murano glass chandeliers. Each piece that made the chandelier is made meticulously by hand and not to die. The colours details of Venetian glass are made hot fire in a glass and not with colors painted cold. This is an additional value because the product will maintain the same characteristics over the years, gaining value over time. In our catalogues you can find collections that range from reproductions of classic Cą rezzonico of seven hundred, with craftsman little work as the leaves and flowers in pastel glass and a flange so many pieces that make up the arms. The Contemporary Chandeliers of the twentieth century in a mix of classic and modern, revisited in a modern working with gold leaf or silver to be set in any place like houses, offices, hotels, business, catering, banking offices. The details of chandeliers and Venetian Century series with all the preciousness of all elements which leaves, flowers and rings on arms.

Lighting Division

The lighting for your interiors with elegance and quality!

Start a light at home with our lighting systems such as Chandeliers, table lamps, glass appliques gives a touch of style to your house furnishing creating special atmosphear with the colours of Murano glass. Charm, luxury while respecting the venetian traditions with the working strictly by hand and warm.