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Corporate Gifts

For you corporate Gift: paperweights, plates, picture-frames, Wine Stoppers, Cut Papers

Contract Lighting Furnitures

Projects your ambients with us Chandeliers, Wall, table and floor lamps, ceilings, suspensions, lamps, spot

Personalized items

Discoverthe page of personal items create just for our customers, and ispire from their ideas.

Online Catalog

Our proposal are on the catalogs of our personal murano glass collections.

Contract, Hotels Furnitures, Corporate Gifts

Contract, Corporate Gifts

Why choose an object in Murano glass for your supplies?

Why our glass products are unique and exclusive but especially "resilient" in the sense that it can adapt to any occasion or event, and especially can be tailored or customized according to your fancy or design. Ask our staff to advise it on a free quote for your business supplies.

Corporate Gifts, Business Gifts

Enchants your guests with gifts magic rich of charm

A congress, an elegant exhibition of art, a conference or a special meeting, a recognition company, a ceremony to gratify customers and employees, or an award ceremony ... gives a unique piece like murano gift.

Lighting system projects

From light to the new realities architectural

A lighting project for a new hotel? You need to illuminate a room to a restaurant or a museum? An important projects to build or design? Our staff is always available to study, together with commissioning the best solutions.

Limited Gifts

Contemporary furniture for collecting art

An important object firmed by murano glassmakers .. because you can make personalized items numbered according to your budget, style and brand image. A precious gift of art since its birth, which over time will become a thing of value and an invitation to collection.

Personalized Items

What you think is what we made

We can produce items on the committee, developing custom creations with images, logos, designs, special labels. We can offer a "turnkey" which includes certificate and gift box for your event!

Inspirations from our catalog online

Beautiful objects for your gift idea

If you do not know what to give, try to inspire our consulting catalogs, or contact us we will give you the necessary support for achieving your gift ideas. We do custom business supplies, supplies by the developer and others for delivery to the event.