Skyglass Murano

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Collectionable Objects

Our series of Murano glass vases are made completely by hands from the island of Murano by glassmasters. That is why every object is different from other because it is the sign of an artisanal and handcrafted work. In the collection of vases you can find all the hard and difficult furnace work that only a few skilled craftsmen now they do. The vaults, techniques and the right time annealing fans is that the piece is performed to the rule of art.

Collection Vases

Bring at home one collectable glass piece

The tangible sign of a particular working processing for your personal home gallery. Beauty, luxury and incomparable objects for your classic or contemporary style. Increase the value of your house with our glass. An idea for a important gift like an event or a ceremony or simply to collect valuable art of murano glass..