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The venice style

Chandeliers ispired to seven hundred venetian style like cą rezzonico redesigned with gaudy colors to be set in modern and contemporary furnishings. The cups with flowers and leaves on the central mount and typical rings with pendants on each arm, are handmade with flying colors hot which means not paintings! On each chandelier is behind signature as a nice murrina, a sign of Murano glassmaking tradition. Ask a murano store near your home to see the chandelier in New York, Los Angeles, America, Canada, Emirates like Dubai, Israel, Moscow, London, Paris, Madrid, Mexico, Australia, Sidney, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Cape town or other city of the world.

Venetian style chandeliers

A classic seven hundred century for your modern home furniture

Discover the fast of venetian style with contemporary colours like venetian red, black pastel, milk white, clean trasparent glass with gold inserts and brilliant green. At request we can produced more arms, different colors or other configurations to ambient this unique chandelier for your interior design.