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The Furnace glasses

Our series of furnace Goths reflect the ancient technique of their work.That is to say that goti were and are made to the "first", are not shaped and then finished at its best, but in a nutshell is how they are. In ancient times the goto was created by its master glass and his staff during breaks working for drinking wine, wateror bear.That is why the glasses Goths can sometimes take several names like Goto of Paṛn (goto of masterglass), Goto, small drink glass.

I Goti de Fornasa

The incomparable object for your decorative table

The goti De Fornasa are the poor glasses become the must for your collection murano pieces. These glasses was born when the masterglass need to drink during the hard furnace glass work. Each piece is different from others and consists of meticulous work and color that depending on the art working of the masterglass.